Topic 11 – Notes



After completing this lesson, you should know:

  • How to format the font
  • How to change the alignment
  • How to change the number formatting
  • How to use Format Painter to apply formatting



The font and borders can be customized for a selected cell or a range of cells.

Home ribbon tab → Font group

Apply Borders

  • Select the area where you want to insert borders.
  • Click on the arrow next to the border command.
  • Choose the option you prefer.


Excel has a range of alignment options to enhance the text on a worksheet. You can change the horizontal and vertical alignment, rotate the text in a cell, use wrap text, merge cells and change the indentation.

Home ribbon tab → Alignment group

Align Text in Cells

Use these options to align text horizontally or vertically in cells.

Rotate Text in Cells

Use Orientation to rotate text to a diagonal angle or vertical orientation in cells. This is often used for labelling narrow columns.


  • Select the cell(s)
  • Home ribbon tab – Alignment group – Orientation
  • Select Rotate Text Up


Merge Cells

Use this option to join the selected cells into one larger cell. This is often used to create labels that span multiple columns.


  • Select two or more cells
  • Home ribbon tab – Alignment group – Merge and Centre

Note: Click on the arrow for more merge options.

Wrap Text

Use this option to make all content visible within a cell by displaying it on multiple lines.


  • Select the cell(s)
  • Home ribbon tab – Alignment group – Wrap Text


There are different formatting options for numbers and dates. A date can be formatted as a short date, long date, etc. A value can be formatted as currency, percentage, etc. The decimals of a value can also be increased or decreased.

Home ribbon tab → Number group

Apply Accounting Number Format


You can apply the look of cells to other content in the worksheet by using Format Painter.


  • Select the cell with the format you want to copy
  • Click on Format Painter (Home ribbon tab → Clipboard group)
  • Click on the cell you want to change


Note: When you click once on Format Painter, the format can only be applied once. Double-click on Format Painter to apply the format more than once. Cancel Format Painter (click on the command again or press Escape) to stop applying the format.

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