Topic 18 – Notes



After completing this lesson, you should know:

  • The different methods to go to the Page Layout view
  • How to add headers and footers to an Excel document

The contents of a header and footer repeats at the top and bottom of each printed page.

There are different methods to go to the Page Layout view, where we insert headers and footers.

Method 1:

Insert ribbon tab → Text group → Header & Footer


Method 2:

Use the Workbook View shortcuts on the Status Bar to view the Page Layout.


How to add headers or footers:

Move to “Add header” at the top of the data and note that there are three areas for header entries.


You can type any text in one of the areas or use one of the Header & Footer Elements. The Header & Footer Tools ribbon tab will show with all the options and commands you need.

This picture shows all the elements that can be used in the Header and Footer:


Example 1:

In this example we will insert custom text, the current date and the page number in the header and the file name in the footer.

Insert text:

Type the text, e.g. CPL Staff, in the area where you want to see it on every printed page.

Insert Current Date:





Insert Page Number:


Insert the File Name in the footer:


Example 2:

In this example we will insert a logo in the header.


Use Format Picture to change the size of the picture to fit in the header or footer on each printed page. Make sure Lock aspect ratio is checked to keep the proportions of the original picture.

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